Ida & Jonas

This summer I was asked to shoot the wedding photos for a friend of mine. It took place in a small estate on the Swedish countryside. Lots of green, a clear blue sky and beautiful light.

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Taking in New York

This summer I spent 10 days in one of my absolute favourite cities. I've been back time and time again and it never disappoints. The city is ever changing and you never run out of subjects to shoot.

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Sweden in colours

This spring I took a trip home to Sweden and spent a few days by the coast. It was a perfect opportunity to load up some Kodak Portra and stick some of those beautiful countryside colours onto some film.

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CineStill 50

CineStill is a relatively newly produced film type made from motion picture film stock repurposed for 35mm film cameras. I couldn't resist trying it out so I found an online dealer that still had some stock. First thoughts - I really like it.


A few weeks back I attended a film photography workshop hosted by Johnny Patience in London and it was organised alongside something called LNDNWLK - a photo walk around the streets of London for photographers of all calibers.

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